Total Rentals

Projector Hire

    • Basic ProjectorSuitable for a small meeting/event. Works well in a room where you have control over lighting.
    • Intermediate ProjectorSuitable for a venue with ambient lighting or some light streaming into the room.
    • Daytime Indoor ProjectorSuitable for an event in a venue where lots of ambient light is present. We also have SHORT THROW Projectors if you have limited space for set up
Need help picking out which one will suit? Talk to us, let us assist you.
Total Rentals

Projector Screen Rental

    • Portable Tripod Screen [6 foot/1.8 Metres projection surface] This is our most popular screen.
    • Portable Pull up Screen(4x6 foot/1.2x1.8 Metres projection surface) Theatre type screen. Can stand very close to a wall if space is limited.
    • Front or Rear Projection Screen (10 Foot  to 15 Foot projection surface).Theatre type screen with alloy frames and heavy drapes. Requires installation by our technicians
We provide discounts on our portable screens if hired with a projector


Total Rentals
32 inch HD LED TV, 49 inch HD LED TV, 55 inch HD LED or HD Plasma TV, 60 inch HD LED TV

These are regularly hired with our tower stands for Trade Shows, Conferences, and Celebrations. Our towers are two metres high and have platforms for a laptop, DVD player, or gaming console.

We have DVD players and laptops available for hire with our equipments

Ask us about our packages

PA/Sound System Hire, Speaker Rental, Lectern Hire and Audio Packages Rental

PA/Sound Systems


Single Speaker Hire - Suitable for a small gathering

Speaker rental includes a stand, microphone and AUX/ iPhone cable


Speaker PA/Sound System Hire with TWO Speakers

For even distribution of sound. Includes stands, microphone and AUX/ iPhone cable.


Battery Powered PA/Sound System Rental

For an outdoor celebration. Music and announcements. Mic hire included.


Basic Lectern Hire or Corporate Lectern Rental w/ mic & speaker


Audio hire that will cater to a large indoor/outdoor event


Loud hailer Hire / Megaphone Rental

Touring megaphone w/ built in battery. Standard megaphone


Wired Microphone Rental or Wireless Microphone Hire

Vocal Microphone, Instrument Microphone, Lapel Microphone, Headset Microphone, USB Mic, Shotgun Microphone, Videocam Microphone

All of the above speakers are portable and easy to set up.

We can arrange a package that will suit your requirements and can do a no obligation site visit.


    • Parcan LED Uplights
    • Fresnel and Profile Spotlights
    • Derby lights, Laser, Strobe lights
    • Light Desk Mixers
    • Heavy Duty Light Stands


    • Generator Hire
    • 6 x 3 Metres Gazebo/Marquee Hire


    • Black background Drapes
    • Staging
    • Fog machines

Video Camcorders

Total Rentals
    • Hard Disk Drive (HDD) Camcorders – Records on the hard drive of the camcorder. Recording is transferred to PC via USB cable.
    • High Definition HDD Camcorders – Being HD it records more details and colour. Records on the hard drive of the camcorder then transferred to PC via USB cable. Our units has iFrame record mode which allow for download and editing in a Mac computer.
    • All our camcorders come inclusive with a tripod if required.

Kit includes power cables, software, USB cables and quick user guide/manual.

Whiteboard Hire

Total Rentals
    • Whiteboards on Easel – 900x1200mm
    • Small Electronic Whiteboard – 600x900mm
    • Large Electronic Whiteboard – 900x1200mm
    • Flipcharts and Easel

Our whiteboards and flipcharts are available for pick up. All electronic whiteboards are for delivery only.